Knock, knock, Neo..

Manuel Grabowski

also known as matrixagent (rarely: AgentSmith) on the intertubes.

I live and study in Passau. During the course of my studies I often freelance at Web-Development in my spare time, among the the things I created in the line of that are as well as several WordPress-Plugins.

I have been blogging here on a regular basis for some time and afterwards created Watch this!, a podcast running for about 2 years.

Nowadays I'm mostly active on Twitter and Tumblr, but also have started blogging again, with a different no concept in the Limbo Avenue.

Besides Twitter and Tumblr there are lots of other fancy Web 2.0 services I use, an incomprehensive list follows:
Twitter Tumblr Flickr YouTube PSN Trakt

If you have any questions left, just mail me to smith @ this domain or use (anonymously if you want) Formspring.